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Learnitive | Press Releases

The Scientific Programming School is now at Learnitive.com

The Scientific Programming School is now at Learnitive.com

Learnitive.com: An Interactive Learning Platform.

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·Feb 11, 2023·

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  • What is Learnitive?
  • What do you learn at Learnitive.com?
  • Any prerequisite?

The Scientific Programming School is closed and all its courses are moved into this new and advanced interactive learning platform called Learnitive.com!

The good new is we didn't forget you at all! The Learnitive platform is offering a $12 credit (gift) to all the previous Scientfic Programming School students including you to purchase back all the courses they were enrolled into and more!

The Scientific Programming School at Learnitive.com

Please login into your account and purchase your desired "program" by getting into the Learnitive.com > Programs page. You should be able to get back all your courses and more! The amount is will be loaded as soon as you re-login. You are also invited to create new courses at Learnitive.com.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know via the contact page. Let's watch a video on how to get credits at Learnitive.com

What is Learnitive?

The Learnitive (Learn + Interactive) is an interactive and advanced e-learning platform. It not only gives you the opportunity to watch lessons with video, but also allows you to execute interactive illustrations, codes and OS commands inside your browser! It supports 50+ programming languages.

What do you learn at Learnitive.com?

Our instructors specialize on academic courses. Our mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM. We enable great teachers to illuminate the soul of math, science, and engineering through bite-sized, interactive learning experiences.

Any prerequisite?

Nope, none! You start learning immediately instead of fiddling with OS, VMs, SDKs and/ IDEs setups. It‘s all setup with Docker on the cloud.