How to teach at Learnitive Education?

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How to teach at Learnitive Education?

Being a digital content marketplace, Learnitive Education allows you to create. or learn awesome video courses, interactive text-based courses, projects, quizzes, assessments and so on. We allow everybody to teach and learn just about anything academic.

Learnitive education courses are interactive! Each course must be equipped with hands-on coding environments where the lesson will include a combination of text, code, visuals, quizzes, and/or other interactive elements. allows you to both create and upload contents. allows you to both create and upload content.

First, you create an account sign-in, then simply click on the Become Instructor button on the page and you will become a Learnitive instructor immediately!

The Learnitive courses offer playgrounds and challenges that execute right in the browser so that you can jump right in, stay immersed, and practice as you go. You can start learning immediately instead of fiddling with SDKs and IDEs. It‘s all on the cloud.

REGEX based YouTube playlist importer @ Make a course in 30-seconds only!

REGEX-based YouTube playlist importer @ Make a course in 30 seconds only!

To write a lesson, you will use Learnitive’s lesson editor widgets allowing the user to interact with your lesson. Your lessons might introduce a topic, demonstrate an executable code/command, or prompt the reader to complete a challenge or watch a relevant video. The widgets available on the Learnitive platform fall into the following categories: Text, Coding, Illustration, Terminal and Videos. You use these widgets to create your course and once it is ready, and has passed a simple review round, the course will become “live” on the platform.


Create content

You don’t need a complete degree to become an instructor. Instead, all you need is a computer or a smartphone as you share your knowledge and skills with people across the globe. The fact of the matter is, most upskill websites are very similar in terms of technology.

They host videos, let you ask questions, and sometimes give you a certificate of completion after finishing a course. What makes each platform different is how they operate.

How much you’ll get monthly?

  • Single course sale: 70% of the sale price (usually USD $5).

  • Subscription: Fraction of the subscription premium pool

At learnitive, we are open to communication with the instructors, provide instructor supports, and finally a prompt monthly pay out! If you’d be interested in growing your revenue streams, consider hosting your courses on

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