Create and Learn with Learnitive AI

Create and Learn with Learnitive AI

The most advanced AI-based writer for academic learning


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What is Learnitive AI Writer?đź‘‹

The Learnitive AI Writer is an advanced AI writing platform for creating both SEO-optimized and academic content. The Learnitive AI workspace is available for Free (with limited AI words) to all Learnitive users. Create unique and engaging content that will increase your learning success.

Purchase a Learnitive plan to increase your word limits. To purchase a plan, charge your account with credits, then proceed to the subscription. The minimum plan is USD $12.00 valid for 30 days, no auto-renewal. There are several ways to enrol in a membership: Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. All payments are processed via

Every time you purchase the plan you will receive more AI + Copyscape words added to your previous leftover words, plus the validity will increase with more days. However, should you renew your subscription after your plan has already expired, previous words will not be counted towards your new credit. Whether you are using a Mac, Windows PC, you can work with the app as long as you have an internet network. Mobile device browsers are not supported yet.

The AI Learning Assistant

The Learnitive AI learning assistant has several options. On the one hand, it allows you the create awesome content based on your research topic and keywords, on the other hand, it can create codes for your problem with AI, test and execute immediately.

There are 100+ AI prompts that you can use to further tune your output. Finally, it allows you to search for a key in 250 million academic papers and Wikipedia, and insert references automatically as footnotes.

Paraphrase, summarize research, and more with one tool that supercharges your writing workflow with built-in grammar checking and citations.

The AI Workspace

The Learnitive AI workspace (based on the awesome Editor.js) is an AI writer available for free to all learners. Learnitive AI widgets available in the workspace will help you to research, write and learn from fantastic content created with the help of AI. You can generate full-length, optimized content and codes in a few seconds. Click the “AI Expand” to autocomplete your sentences and even write entire new paragraphs. Improve the quality of your writing with automatic passage paraphrasing and rewriting.

Generate awesome figures and illustrations on the fly. Paraphrase, summarize research, and more with this awesome tool that will supercharge your writing and learning workflow with built-in grammar checking and citations.

Ask, Create and Learn

Learnitive is the only interactive learning platform that not only offers many awesome courses but also facilitates AI-enabled interactive workspaces where the learners can auto-generate codes, and contents (copyscape-checked) and draw illustrations based on their learning needs.

The Learnitive AI workspace is available to all users, however, to get the full extent of it please consider purchasing a minimum of $12 plan. Learnitive accepts debit/credit cards as well as PayPal as payment methods.

Join the Learnitive AI

Learnitive is the only AI-enabled learning platform that allows you to learn, perform academic research and create and export amazing Copyscape content with the most advanced AI Writer ever! Join today for a minimum of $12 only.